Sunday – Joe Santoro and Ökufè rhythm percussionists from 4 pm to 8pm.

Sundays are for house vibes. Joe Santoro will send you on a discovery of the world, floating from tribal rhythms to soulful house. Santoro is a seasoned DJ who has been entertaining to packed-capacity clubs and festivals in Italy and London. Now living in Barbados, he has been an immeasurable influence on the local house scene. Close off your weekend to the sounds of Joe Santoro and Ökufè rhythm percussionists. You don’t want to miss a set.

Born and raised in Southern Italy, Joe has been Dee jaying since 1994. Since then he has moved dance floors in and around his hometown and the Puglia region. He has performed in iconic clubs such Clorophilla, Guendalina and Jubilee to name a few. Ever the globe trotter, Joe has recently performed in London, Miami, and his second home of Barbados, where he plays to packed-capacity crowds at “La Cabane”, “Blue Pineapple” and “The Alchemists” – an Ibiza-styled party which he conceptualized with his partner Craig Corrie of the Music Factory. Through his residencies and bespoke parties Joe has influenced the house music scene in Barbados in an immeasurable way. A seasoned traveller, Joe’s extended set constructions are diverse and are built on beats drawn from his travels. They span the broad spectrum of genres from tribal rhythm to house tracks. Joe has started to branch out into the personally untapped area of music production and he has produced tracks for several up and coming labels – Ovni Music, Samara Records, AQU Music, Torks Records etc.

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